What is an abortion doula?


For some people this may be a complex idea, but not all people who become pregnant wish to carry that pregnancy on until birth and parenthood.


This then becomes challenging when describing the role of a doula as most doulas are birth doulas. I would like to clarify however that not all doulas are birth doulas, and not all birth doulas support abortion or work as abortion doulas. In my case, I do.

I understand that abortion is part of birth and life and works in harmony with the role of a full spectrum doula. Abortions are normal and a part of every day life.

I am pro choice, pro life and pro abortion if a person needs one.

Do I think abortion doulas are an essential? YES. Keep reading to find out why.

This is a picture of an african woman carrying her baby in a field and walking through a field or farmyard. This is on The Egyptian Doula's page on Birth Doulas and Birth Doula Packages. On the picture are The Egyptian Doulas (Yasmin Aly) listed vision of her vision of a good birth.

My vision of future perception on abortions

That is is seen as normal.

That it is not seen as controversial.

That more people feel able to access abortions should they need one.

That every person going through an abortion gets the support they need.

That more people train in abortion support (including doulas).

That the right to an abortion is not governed by legislation or religion but that it is down to the person having the abortion and their medical team.

What I do: I am your guide
Judgement free zone.

I am here to support you in a fully confidential and judgement free way. This is your body. Your choice. My role is to support you with whatever decision, no matter how challenging, you make.

How I serve you

Here are the kinds of things I can do for you as your abortion doula. I can...

Help you work out your options, physically, mentally and emotionally. Support you with accurate knowledge, research and evidence. Help you figure out the best way to plan for before, during and after the procedure. Support you through the procedure and process for as long as it takes. Guide and support your partner.


Most importantly, I use my legal skills to advocate for you and make sure you are heard.

5 Reasons why people have an abortion

Here are 5 of the most common reasons as to why people have abortions.

1. Health Conditions. There are many people who are unable to carry their pregnancy to full term due to health conditions. These health conditions may be their own or those belonging to the foetus.
2. Rape. Some pregnancies come about as a result of rape.
3. Contraception not working. No contraception is 100% effective. As a result there will always be a percentage of people who get pregnant and do not wish to keep their pregnancy.
4. Bad timing. Some pregnancies simply come at the wrong time. Figuring out the right time to have a baby is pretty hard as it is, but sometimes there are situations which can make it worse.
5. Toxic relationships and/ or bad finances. Neither of these are the ideal situation in which to have a baby and for some people, the idea of having a baby within a toxic relationship or one where there are financial difficulties would simply be impossible.
Abortion Doula Packages

Doula Packages

In Person Abortion Doula Support

1 x 45 minute chat about what is going on, your choice, your feelings, your abortion plan.
In person support for the day of the procedure (at the clinic if surgical or at your home if you take the abortion pill).
We talk again after the procedure and on a regular basis for as long as is needed. Locations: I am based in North London and I offer this service to those who plan on attending a clinic which is in North London, North West London, Central London and North East London. If you plan on attending a clinic outside of these areas then please get in touch as we may be able to work something out. I believe that every person that needs a doula should have access to one. Fees: £100 If you are experiencing financial difficulty then please get in touch anyway as we may be able to work something out. I believe that every person who needs a doula should have one.

90 minute Zoom Call Abortion Support Consultation

This option is if you would like support, guidance and a listening ear on your situation, plans,options and feelings. Location: On Zoom Fees: £65 If you are experiencing financial difficulty then please get in touch anyway as we may be able to work something out. I believe that every person who needs a doula should have one.

The destiny of what happens to a pregnancy inside any persons womb, is down to that person and no one else..
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