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Hi, my name is Yasmin Aly. It's nice to virtually meet you. 
I am an award nominated,  multi disciplined doula with a background in birth as well as law and business. I am also a mother, foster carer and cancer survivor. 
I mostly cover the following areas: London, St Albans, Hatfield, Watford. If you are outside of these areas please do get in touch to see if I can support you.
My Story
Growing up in the seaside town of Blackpool, I had always been passionate about two things: birth and justice
I was always interested in birth because I had forever been fascinated by the process of pregnancy, childbirth and the smallness of newborns. Throughout my childhood, I was that child at family social events that you would always find playing with babies, cuddling newborns and changing nappies. As a result, I decided at the time that my future career would involve babies. As with how life normally unfolds for most of us, things didn't quite go to plan
​My interest in justice also came from childhood. My entire childhood had been unjust and scattered with trauma, abuse, loss and illness. When I finally reached the age of 16, I decided I had had enough. I spent a couple of weeks making my plans to run away, packed my one bag and left, resulting in eventual homelessness. At 17, I ended up making my way to London, not realising that this would become home and that it would be the place where I would become a motherdoula and lawyer. Had it not been for the very few and far between instances of kindness and dedication of complete strangers, I imagine I wouldn't be here today. 
Being Your Doula

So why do I bring this up I hear you ask? The cumulation of these experiences are part of what makes me the birth doula I am today, the birth doula that might be the person supporting and advocating for you. Pregnancy and birth are one of those times in which a person can be very vulnerable and sensitive. Not knowing the ins and outs of the healthcare system, not knowing your rights in the birth setting, not knowing what you are and aren't "allowed" to do, fearing childbirth itself. These are all things which I have seen contribute to unwanted birth outcomes.

As a doula, I support all people during abortions and birth. However as a doula, mother to a biracial son and a woman of colour, I have a particular interest in supporting and advocating for the birthing rights of people who are BIPOC given that statistics show huge disparity in the rates of maternal mortality in the UK in that "Black, Mixed ethnicity women and Asian women" are 5x and 3x more likely to die than a white woman (MBBRACE report 2019).
BIPOC stands for Black, Indigenous, People Of Colour
I have been privileged in my time as a doula so far to support a wide variety of people. Here are some situations I have supported as a doula, to name but a few: vaginal births, c-section births, water births, home births, birth centre births, hospital births, freebirths, VBACs, HBACs, VBA2Cs, HBA2Cs, high risk and low risk, hyperemesis, gestational diabetes, polyhydramnios, people with POTS, pregnancies after loss, abortion or miscarriage, special needs babies birth, inductions, babies conceived via IVF, NICU or SCBU stays, surrogate births, babies with special needs, twin birth, triplet birth, people from Jewish, Islamic, Hindu and Pagan backgrounds and people who identify as non binary/ LGBTQ+. 
I have also given birth myself and experienced a number of the situations listed above first hand.
As a birth doula, my vision of an ideal world is one where people can give birth without fear, where there are no disparities in the care or maternal mortality rates of women based on race or colour, and one where parents and children get the best start to parenting possible.
Have a look at my packages to see exactly how I can support you or get in touch today.
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